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Grilled Cheese Takes Center Stage
The humble grilled cheese gets a necessary elevation.

Back to basics
Veteran restaurateur returns to his roots with upscale burger concept

Gulf Coast Business Review
Squared Away by Carl Cronan

How travel costs affect food prices

Square’s the Beef
“We’re fond of gazing at the bar, and this is a good spot for it.” – March 2011, Sarasota Magazine, John Bancroft

Comfort and Contrast – YourObserver.com

“They call it ‘cowboy chic.’ ‘Sexy saloon’ would be another option, given features that range from deco echo chairs with pony-upholstered seats to an astounding red chandelier hanging over a corner booth — worth a visit in and of itself. It is the menu, however, that is most intriguing. Jack and Mrs. Spratt could eat here together on options that range from flat-out comfort foot to happily healthful.” -December 29, 2010, Molly Schechter, Food Editor

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