Square 1 Burgers LogoFind Your Awesome this weekend (November 18-20, 2022), with our Weekend Features that are so good, you’ll pinch yourself!




Rum Runner
Light rum, pineapple & orange juices, creme de banana liqueur, grenadine, dark rum float – $8.99

Sauteed in extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, smoked sea salt –  $6.99


The Turkey Cobb Burger
Ground turkey burger, applewood smoked bacon pieces, diced tomato, blue cheese crumbles, avocado, curly leaf lettuce, toasted whole-wheat bun. Choice of one side – $14.99



SQ 1 Sesame Glazed Grilled SalmonSesame-Glazed Grilled Salmon
Toasted sesame-glazed grilled salmon. Served with choice of two sides – $17.99


Pumpkin Cheesecake – $5.29

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