Going Back To SQ1

The burger is sacred and as all-American as football and fireworks. But somehow, burgers have turned fast, cheap and unhealthy. So we’re returning burgers to their roots, back to Square 1. Simple is savory, and our recipes reflect that. Our ingredients are high quality and fresh. Our proteins come from the wide-open pastures of the west, and farms that raise livestock humanely—without hormones or antibiotics. We hand press every patty and grill each burger to order. Why? Because burgers deserve better. You and your family deserve better. Whether indulging in Angus, Kobe, Buffalo, Lamb, Portobello Mushroom or Vegan—on the bun or beyond—Square 1 serves affordable luxury you can devour. Visit us today and rediscover what burgers should be. There’s enough Awesome for everyone.

About Our Proteins

The Angus: 100% certified humane, antibiotic- and hormone-free. Raised on a natural grass and grain diet.

Durham Buffalo comes from a ranch in northeast Wyoming that practices Holistic Management of the environment; no hormones or antibiotics are given to the buffalo. Our Durham Lamb and American Kobe (Wagyu) are raised to the same standard as the buffalo and angus.

Chicken burgers are ground exclusively for SQ1, blending lean light to dark meat for a combination of maximum flavor and no added fat.

Very Vegan Veggie Burger is made in house with black beans, brown rice, vegetable protein (TVP) and 12 other ingredients—all vegan!

The Birth of the SQ1 Concept

Once upon a time (1964) in Norman, Oklahoma, Bill Shumate opened his first restaurant, a burger joint called “Across the Street” (it was located across the street from the University of Oklahoma). Many years and restaurants later, he yearned to go back to his restaurant roots: burgers. So in 2008, he and his partner, Joanie Corneil, founded a back-to-basics gourmet burger restaurant in Tampa called “Square 1” featuring fresh ingredients, top-quality proteins, and a little awesome for everyone – just like the good ol’ days in Oklahoma. We always go back to Square 1.

Square 1 Mission Statement


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